Mother’s Day Blog Hop

Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate & remember. When I sat down to do my blog hop card…I struggled. My mind kept going to my mom who passed away over 7 years ago. So I tried to think of what reminded me of her, other than a yellow butterfly (hence the name of my business). After she passed away, my family & I spread her ashes at her beach on Cape Cod…so that is what I settled on. If you look close you can see Martha’s Vineyard on the horizon.

Cape Cod – ocean view

I used the Oceanfront stamp set as my main tool for this card, then added the birds from On The Horizon stamp set and the smallest stamp from the Art Gallery stamp set for the seaweed.

My card is simple, and I know it will never be sent, but it fills my heart will love & remembrance. 💕

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31 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Blog Hop

    1. Use your gray markers or blends to add them in. I would not have used them if I didn’t already have the set. Maybe one of the Paper Pumpkin kits you have does. Waves of the Ocean has a bird.


  1. love any of the stamp sets with what I call blobs and this made a cute card—thanks for showing—#stampitcontest


  2. #stamitcontest
    I followed you from Tami White. This actually part of my “home work” from the book I am reading about creating an online business. I need to comment on 5 new blogs to see what they are about. Thanks!!!!


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